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Achillea S.r.l (hereinafter, “Achillea”) would hereby like to inform you that European Regulation no. 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation”, hereinafter, “GDPR” or “Regulation”) provides all individuals with the basic right to the protection of their personal data being processed. Therefore, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of GDPR, we would hereby like to inform you that:

Purpose of data processing

The user’s personal data can be processed for the following purposes:

  1. In order for Achillea to perform their company administration activities and fulfil all the applicable obligations arising from the law and/or imposed by public authorities;
  2. Providing pre- and after-sale services and general information on Achillea products and services and purchase network, as well as constant updates to Customers/Suppliers on our new service developments;
  3. Protecting and enforcing Achillea’s rights, including property rights, and operating with a view to our Website protection;
  4. In order for Achillea to ensure constantly improved and customer-oriented quality levels in the performance of their business activities, including through the collection of statistical information.

The data voluntarily provided by you by filling out e-forms on Achillea Website will be handled by Achillea through electronic or automated systems in order to respond to your enquiries on Achillea products, advertising or the Website, according to your selections.

Providing the aforesaid personal data is optional but it is partly mandatory (when required data fields are marked with a star) in order for Achillea to meet your requests. Providing partial or incorrect personal data, or failure to provide data in the fields marked by a star, which are mandatory to perform the requested service, makes it impossible to respond to the query, whereas providing partial or incorrect personal data or failure to provide non-compulsory data in optional fields does not involve any consequences.

Please be reminded that personal data processing with a view to the provision of customized services is optional. For any queries thereon, any users of Websites managed by or on behalf of Achillea S.r.l. may exercise their rights through the procedures set forth in the sections below. Should you wish to receive further information on the collection and use of said data please refer to our Cookie Policy.

The Data Controller is Achillea S.r.l., whose registered office is at 7, Via Erasmo Ferrari, Ghemme (NO). You can apply to the Data Controller to exercise all the rights provided for by Articles 15 to 22 of GDPR and hereinafter set forth by sending your request by e-mail to the Controller’s address,, or registered mail, return receipt requested, to:
Achillea S.r.l. – Via Erasmo Ferrari, 7 – 28074 GHEMME (NO), ITALY.

Personal data being processed

Due to technical and security reasons as well as for statistical purposes, any visitor’s use of the Website involves the collection and processing of several types of personal data referring to the user:

Browsing data

During their ordinary course of operation, the IT systems and software procedures required to run our website acquire certain personal data, whose transfer is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified Data Subjects but, by its very nature, it might enable identification of the users through the processing and matching of data held by third parties. This data category includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the users who visit the site. Furthermore, information referring to Website registration and use, or inferable from user behaviour on website, may be collected by means of cookies or similar technology. For further information on the use of cookies please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Data Provided by the User

These personal data are requested when sending an enquiry or an application, during the registration procedure – when applicable, or to use our services. You will be requested to consent to personal data processing pursuant to GDPR.

Providing Achillea with the aforesaid data is optional and not mandatory by law. However, your refusal to provide said data will prevent us from providing the services offered via Achillea website.

Please be assured that the purpose of said processing is strictly linked to company activities and their use is restricted, avoiding any occurrences which might jeopardize personal dignity and propriety.

Personal Data Retention

Data are collected in compliance with the provisions of the reference regulations, with special regard to the security measures provided for by GDPR (Art. 32), and processed manually or with the aid of information or communication technologies, according to procedures strictly connected with the required purposes and adequate to ensure data security and confidentiality.

The data shall be retained at the relevant Achillea offices for as long as required for the achievement of their processing purposes.

Scope of disclosure

The data collected within the scope of the provision of services can be disclosed to the following entities:

  • Achillea Marketing Dept. staff who operate under the direct authority of the Data Controller and are appointed Data Processor pursuant to Art. 28 of the Regulation, thereby receiving appropriate operating instructions to that regard.
  • Companies providing support services strictly connected to the technical operation of our website services, such as hosting service suppliers, companies providing filing, administrative, payment and invoicing services, suppliers of technical components for the provision of certain operation function of our Website.
  • Entities and administration or judicial authorities for the fulfilment of the relevant legal obligations.

Your personal data may be transferred to non-EU countries to be processed by some of our service providers. In this case we shall ensure that the transfer fully complies with the applicable law provisions and the proper personal data protection level is guaranteed, based on our adequacy decisions or standard clauses as established by the European Commission.

Your personal data will never be assigned or sold to any third-party entities.

Rights of the Data Subjects

Please be reminded that, pursuant to Articles 15 to 22 of GDPR, data subjects shall be entitled to apply to the Data Controller to exercise the following rights:

  • Receiving information on the existence of their personal data, their source, the purposes and procedures of their processing and, where present, obtaining access to their personal data;
  • Obtaining the updating, amendment, integration, cancellation and restriction of the personal data being processed;
  • Anonymization or blocking of unlawfully processed data, including the data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes of the relevant collection and/or subsequent processing.
  • On legitimate grounds, to fully or partly oppose the processing of personal data concerning you, even though applicable to the purpose of the collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of providing trade information or sending advertising material or direct sale, or else for the performance of market surveys or commercial communication. Each user is also entitled to revoke their consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of personal data processing based on the consent given before its revocation.
  • Receiving your personal data – knowingly and willingly provided or given by using the service – in a structured, commonly used format, readable from any electronic device, and transferring them to another Data Controller without hindrance.
  • Putting forward a claim to the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority.

When using the services provided by Achillea, users shall fully release the Company from any liability concerning any objection, claim, request for indemnification for damages arising from the processing and the like, that Achillea might receive from any third-party data subjects whose personal data had been processed through their use of the services, in breach of the applicable personal data protection regulations. In any case, should you provide or else process third-party personal data in your use of our services, you shall henceforth ensure – and be fully liable therefor – that the special data processing case being concerned arises from an appropriate legal basis (such as the data subject’s consent) pursuant to Art. 6 of GDPR, which fully justifies the lawfulness of the relevant data processing.

This policy was updated on 30 July 2019 and may be amended and/or periodically updated due to the enforcement of new regulations on the matter. Any updates will always be published on this page. Should the use of user data be significantly amended by the Data Controller, the latter shall inform users by publishing and highlighting said amendments in their website or through similar alternative media.

Please note that you should contact our address for any further enquiries or requests concerning your personal data and compliance with the privacy law.


This document provides information about the use of cookies and similar technology on this website, their purpose and the way users can restrict or block cookies.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text created by a web server and sent to a web client when the latter accesses a website page. They are generally used to store user preferences, data and information to be recalled during one visit (session cookies) or future visits (persistent cookies) to that website.

Cookies make your website browsing easier, store the pages visited by the user as well as other specific information, such as your page browsing preferences, connection errors and so on.

Cookies are stored in the user’s device – whether computer, tablet or smartphone – by each browser according to user preferences.

Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.) are often set up to accept cookies automatically. However, users can change the predefined configuration by choosing to disable or delete cookies, but opting out might prevent the proper operation of a few website sections. Moreover, during browsing other cookies (the so-called “third-party cookies”) may be placed on the user’s computer by different websites, directly set up by the relevant Webmasters and used for the purposes and with the methods established by the latter.

2. Types of cookies

Based on their features and use, cookies may be divided into:

a) Technical cookies: These cookies are necessary for website browsing and use of its functions (such as access to reserved areas and proper display). For this reason disabling them prevents the said activities.

Technical cookies are not used for further purposes and are divided into:

  • browsing or session cookies: they are required to browse and use the website properly;
  • functionality cookies: they allow user browsing based on a set of selected criteria, such as language.

b) Performance cookies: They collect anonymous information on website browsing by users, such as most frequently visited pages or any error messages displayed during browsing. These cookies do not collect any identification information on visitors.

c) Profiling cookies: They aim at creating user profiles and are used to send advertising messages matching user preferences, based on their selections while browsing.

These cookies are used to track user browsing and create a profile based on their taste, habits, selections and the like. These cookies allow getting information on user preferences and browsing habits on our websites (such as the most displayed products and/or services) and recognizing returning users visiting our websites and/or other websites within the network of our promotional partners. This information is used to send customized promotional communications.


3. Third-party cookies

When browsing this website other cookies (the so-called “third-party cookies”) may be placed on the user’s computer by different websites. This occurs because the website may contain certain items – such as pictures, maps, specific links to web pages or web services.

With a view to information transparency, below please find a list of third-party services you can find on our website, as well as their purposes and links to the information pages of the various services:

4. Managing cookie preferences

Users can decide whether to accept or reject cookiesby clicking on the following button

or through their browser settings.
Below please find the links to the information pages for the major browsers:

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Please be reminded that if you choose to reject cookies this may jeopardize or prevent the proper performance of our website.

5. Other information

For further information on the use of cookies and how to reject cookies please visit the following Websites: